Solare North Coast Details

EGP 3,900,000


  • Aqua Park
  • Attic
  • Balcony
  • Barbecue
  • Central heating
  • غسالة صحون
  • Dryer
  • Fitness Center


Solare North Coast Details

Solare North Coast Village is a new concept of a resort on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea directly with unprecedented styles characterized by globalism and also the finest designs that blend the ancient Italian character with design and the spirit of tropical islands that guarantee your feeling of brilliance over time, all of this is offered to you by Misr Italia Properties, which Its business has always been distinguished by its uniqueness from others on the Egyptian lands, with its integration and difference in all methods that guarantee the comfort of customers over time, which is considered its biggest goal, which reflects positively on all the founding stages, thus attracting all attention to it and remaining at the top of the Egyptian real estate field as a pioneering force to follow.

The company was also keen to harvest all its long-standing experiences in order to distinguish the village of Solari Ras El Hikma in all its stages to attract attention and make it an example of the global and ideal Egyptian resort due to its strategic location, passing through its gradual rise that guarantees charming views of the colors of the sea directly with the length of the beach distinguished by the integration of the latest recreational activities suitable for all interests and ages. Guaranteeing the highest standards of satisfaction and comfort for the owners. Hurry up to seize this irreplaceable opportunity from the global resort on Egyptian soil, which the company offers you at the best uncompetitive prices with the longest installment period without any interest.

The Previous Work of Misr Italia Properties

  • Kai Ain Sokhna
  • IL Bosco New Capital.
  • IL Bosco City New Cairo Compound.

Solare North Coast Location

Solare North Coast Location

Misr Italia Properties has chosen the best strategic spots on the shores of the Mediterranean coast to lay the foundations of its most prestigious new coastal project, Solare North Coast Village, to ensure that all customers are facilitated in moving to the village and the most important nearby landmarks through the most important axes that remove any obstacle or delay, as The choice was made specifically on the 199th kilometer of the Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh road, in the heart of the Ras Al-Hikma area, so that the village will be close to:

  • Al-Dabaa Road and also the new Fouka Road.
  • New El Alamein International Airport.
  • Borg El Arab International Airport.
  • Alexandria Governorate.
  • Mountain View North Coast.

​​Solare North Coast Area

Misr Italia Properties succeeded in selecting the largest possible land area in order to lay the foundations of its most powerful new coastal projects, Solare North Coast, and thus ensure that it meets all the aspirations aimed at taking it to the highest international ranks, so it chose a vast land area of about 386 acres, which it exploited in an ideal way, most of it was divided For the aesthetic side of the picturesque landscape, which is reflected in the sparkling Crystal Lagoon, which has an area of 115,000 square meters, and thus guarantees the charming view of the units that guarantee permanent relaxation.

In addition to the comprehensive service aspect that is designed on the greatest integration and also the latest international technologies that guarantee to meet all your needs in the easiest possible way, in addition to recreational activities suitable for all interests and also age groups such as sports stadiums, beach, and water games, thus ensuring the enjoyment of customers over the time.

Solare North Coast Designs

Misr Italia Development was keen to make Solare North Coast attract attention, so it established it at a gradual height of about 31 meters above sea level, which guarantees a charming view of the units on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, in addition to allocating an area of about 1 km for the beach. The sand reflects the golden sunshine.

It also designed the village on a global basis through cooperation with the largest international companies with the largest experience in the fields of real estate construction and designs, which made all units harmonize between the luxurious interior finishes and also the external appearance that takes from the Italian character in the buildings even in the commercial area, with its keenness I have to make the village include 10 areas with a unique character and experience, each of which meets in keeping with the shape of the resort in the tropical islands, to ensure that customers are transferred to an unprecedented level on Egyptian lands.

Features and Services of Solara North Coast

Misr Italia Development and Real Estate Investment Company’s greatest interests were based on the integration of its latest coastal projects, Solare North Coast, with all the daily requirements of services, in addition to recreational activities that will ensure the highest standards of comfort and also enjoyment for its customers over time, and thus the most prominent services and features of the village that come On the latest global technologies as the following points:

  • Swimming pools.
  • Club House includes a gym and yoga studio.
  • Co-Working Space.
  • International restaurants.
  • Various sports courts for football and tennis.
  • 2 boutique hotels in Solari Ras El Hikma Village.
  • Integrated service area.
  • Bike paths.
  • Security team.
  • Surveillance cameras and electronic gates.
  • A specialized rescue team along the beach.
  • A team for periodic maintenance and also a team specialized in cleaning work.
  • Electric generators.
  • Fire fighting systems.
  • Garages.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Gradual rise above sea level guarantees a charming view.
  • medical Center.
  • Beach games.
  • Kids Area with the latest games.
  • Gym.
  • Spa.
  • BBQ areas.
  • ATM machines.
  • Water games with the latest technology and suitable for all ages.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Solare North Coast?

  • Chalet spaces start from 107 square meters.
  • Townhouse villa space starts from 173 square meters.
  • Twin house villa with an area of 186 square meters
  • Standalone villas with spaces ranging from 206 square meters.
  • Prices in Solari Village, North Coast, start from 3,900,000 EGP.

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What Are The Payment Methods and Payment Systems For Solare North Coast?

  • 5% Down Payment and you can also install the rest over a period of up to 8 Years without interest.
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