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Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 20221

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What is Tarboul Industrial City?

If you are passing through the streets of Cairo, you will surely have caught the eye of the big advertising banners of a huge industrial city in Egypt called Tarboul.

The city of Tarboul is the largest industrial development project that Egypt will witness, and the city is planned to become Egypt’s first industrial city.

Tarboul Industrial City is part of the sustainable development plan that Egypt is currently witnessing and the city is one of the new cities that began to emerge in Egypt in the last decade. Each city comes to serve as part of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

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How big is the industrial city of Tarboul?

The description of Tarboul Industrial City as a huge project does not come out of thin air. The total area of the city of Tarboul is 26 thousand acres or approximately 109 million square meters.

You can imagine that all this space will be dedicated to all industrial and commercial activities. Which is served by a strong network of roads and bridges, including the following main roads:

  • Cairo – Assiut Road.
  • Regional Ring Road.
  • Cairo – Ain Sukhna Road.
  • Fayoum – October Road.
  • Creams – Zafarana Road.

Tarboul Industrial City comes to complement the efforts of the government and the private sector to provide job opportunities and reduce slums. Therefore, Tarboul Industrial City is expected to provide about 650 thousand job opportunities in the industrial sector only, and this number can be increased.

Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 20221

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Tarboul City Master Plan

Master-plan-of-Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-المخطط-الرئيسي-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 2022

Where is the Tarboul Industrial City location?

It is not only the enormity of the Tarboul Industrial City project that distinguishes it, but it has another set of features that make it an unparalleled industrial city.

GV Development was keen to choose a pinpointed geographical location that serves the vision of the project and facilitates the movement of trade for all owners of factories and projects.

Location-of-Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-موقع-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 2022

Tarboul Industrial City is located in the south of Giza, specifically in the Atfih area, directly on the Upper Egypt Road, at the intersection with the Korimat Zafarana Road.

Tarboul Industrial City is in the middle of the main road network for trade. The city also benefits directly from all road projects that the state is currently implementing.

This privileged location makes the city located at strategic distances from the most important vital cities and industrial areas. If you own a factory or a commercial activity, you will be able to connect your business with ease.

Learn more about the distances from the city of Tarbol to the most important cities:

  • 77 km from the 6th of October
  • 44 km from Helwan city
  • 5 km from the Nile River
  • 83 km from the new administrative capital
  • 150 km from the port of Suez
  • 109 km from the port of Ain Sukhna
  • 210 km from the city of Galala

Location-of-Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-موقع-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 2022

What is the vision of the Tarboul Industrial City?

In a previous interview, Eng. Sherif Hammouda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GV Real Estate Development Company, spoke about the importance of Tarboul Industrial City and the extent of the distinction and enormity of this national edifice.

Sherif Hamouda stated that GV Real Estate Development Company is supervising and working on the implementation of this project, which will serve all public and private industrial sectors of the state. These goals are defined as follows:

  • Establishing a comprehensive industrial city with working and livable standards and providing housing opportunities for all workers in the industry
  • To re-center the Egyptian industry in a modern area
  • Seeking to resettle slums in urban areas
  • Support and application of recycling technology and application of sustainability techniques
  • To become one of the cities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which means integrating modern technologies into the industry, including robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, the Internet of things, and 3D printing.

Egypt is not the only country that is witnessing a boom in its urban and industrial vision, Saudi Arabia is also working on establishing projects that change the face of the entire Arab region.

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Investment in Tarboul Industrial City

Perhaps at first glance, you will think that investment in Tarboul Industrial City will be limited to factory owners or workers in the industrial sector, but the truth is quite the opposite. Tarboul Industrial City will provide an opportunity to invest in all sectors due to its being a comprehensive city and has been divided into a group of main areas. In addition to the industrial areas, you will find:

  • Commercial and retail areas
  • Residential area and accommodation units
  • Medical and service buildings
  • Administrative offices and services
  • Parks and areas for recreation
  • Educational buildings

Tarboul-Industrial-City-Largest-in-Middle-East-مدينة-طربول-الصناعية-أكبر-مدينة-صناعية-في-الشرق-الأوسط- 20221

All these areas are an opportunity for development and investment, and each person can choose what suits him in these areas. From this point of view, the stages of investment in the industrial city of Tarboul were divided into three sections:

  • Infrastructure investment
  • Investment in industrial areas
  • Factory owners’ investment

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Tarboul Industrial City unit types

The types of units that will be offered through the Tarboul Industrial City project have not yet been announced. However, the city is expected to offer various units ranging between factories, warehouses, and commercial and administrative units, and this will be announced with the completion of the initial phases of the city.

The current phase is the stage of construction and infrastructure, in which developers are contracted to implement projects. Currently, investment in lands within the Tarboul Industrial City is being open.

What are the Tarboul Industrial City prices?

GV Development Company is offering amazing prices to invest in Tarboul Industrial City, and this comes from the company’s desire to invest in operating the city and not to make a profit by investing in land. If you are considering a serious investment, you should seize the opportunity now and take advantage of these exclusive prices for Tarboul Industrial City.

  • Lands are offered in the city of Tarboul at a 1500 EGP per meter and prices start from 750,000 EGP.
  • Pay only 75 thousand, and you can pay the rest of the price over 6 years in installments.

It is worth noting that the volume of investments that have been injected so far into the infrastructure of the Tarboul Industrial City amounted to 3 billion dollars.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Jarf, a consultant for the Tarboul project, stated that the volume of investments may reach one trillion dollars with the full completion of the Tarboul Industrial City project.

You can always call us at this number and we will help you choose the most suitable investment for you. We are always happy to answer all your questions.

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When Tarboul City Delivery Date?

Delivery: January 2023.

How to book Industrial land in Tarboul City?

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