Koun North Coast

EGP 3,300,000


  • Aqua Park
  • Balcony
  • Barbecue
  • Central heating


Koun North Coast is a new concept for a resort on the Mediterranean coast offered to you by the most prestigious Distinguished companies in the field of real estate construction on the Egyptian territory by transferring housing and investment methods to a global rank that you will not find any other, because of its constant keenness to keep abreast of all global developments in construction, where Mabany Edris for Real Estate Investment is keen to provide the latest international technologies, thereby guaranteeing the comfort of its customers over time, which is its nominal goal since it was founded in 1998, which made it acquire a huge and develop the ranks to become deservedly at the top of the Egyptian real estate field.

Therefore, all this excellence of the company with its long-standing experience appears in its latest coastal projects that will ensure your feeling of comfort and also excellence throughout the time, starting from the ideal location in the heart ofRas Al-Hekma area with a charming view directly on the picturesque waters of the Mediterranean Sea, along with services and recreational activities on the latest international technologies, hurry up to book now in the finest units with their European designs and enjoy a competitive package of prices and payment systems without any additional benefits.

Previous works of Mabany Edris for Real Estate Investment company

  • Tivoli Dome Sheikh Zayed.
  • Green compound (1-5).
  • Palm Gardens compound.

Koun North Coast Location

Koun North Coast Location

The biggest factors that increase the success rates of any project, regardless of its field, are the ideal location and proximity to the most important landmarks, as well as roads that will make it easier for owners to reach without facing any obstacles, which Mabany Edris Development Company was keen to implement in its latest Coastal Projects, Koun North Coast village, where it chose an ideal plot of land specifically in Kilo 201 of Alexandria/ Morsi Matrouh Road in the heart of Ras El Hekma area, thereby becoming close to the following important:

  • Fuka Bay Road exit.
  • The vital Dabaa road and also the Wadi Natroun area.
  • The New Alamein International Airport and also the Burj Al Arab International Airport.
  • The village of Mountain View North Coast.
  • The village of Caesar SODIC North Coast.

Koun North Coast Area

Mabany Idris Development Company has chosen the land area of its latest coastal projects in Koun North Coast village very carefully, taking into account that it is in a huge area that allows it to achieve all its aspirations with integration and distinction from others, where it chose a plot of land with an area of 105 acres with a charming view directly on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The company has also succeeded in dividing this space in an ideal way that provides all the requirements of customers during their stay in an easy way that ensures their comfort throughout the time, as most of it was devoted to the aesthetic and service side, which includes 10 acres of the sparkling crystal lagoon, which stretches next to the green areas with picturesque colors with a golden sandy beach reflecting the rays of the sun and characterized by advanced recreational activities suitable for different age groups with various other activities and services in the village on the latest international technologies guaranteed to make you want to stay throughout the year.

Koun Ras Al-Hikma Designs

Mabany Edris Development Company has always been distinguished by its design of projects in a way and an artistic touch that attracts all eyes around, which appeared on its latest coastal projects, the village of Koun north coast, where it cooperated with the largest international companies in the field of construction and also designs such as El Habrouk Architects, the company with the greatest experience and achievements at the level of the Egyptian territory and also in the United Arab Emirates.

All this effort is also shown on the residential side of the village, which was built using the most robust materials in the foundations that are resistant to all factors of nature, especially earthquakes, next to its innovative design, which takes from European design an example of it and harmonizes with the most luxurious finishes inside, and the company provided various types and spaces to meet customers ‘ interests in ownership with ease, all of which meet the charming view of either the sea with its charming colors directly or on the sparkling crystal lagoon.

Koun North Coast Village Features and Services

The comfort of customers is the nominal goal of Mabany Edris Development Company, which makes it work to provide all services besides leisure activities with the greatest possible integration and make it follow the latest international technologies to transfer them to perfect experiences and investment that guarantees them comfort and lasting enjoyment, which is reflected in their satisfaction rates, which is what the company provided in the village of Koun North Coast to become the address of the ideal resort, and its most important services are characterized by the following points:

  • The best beaches on the Mediterranean coast.
  • A team specialized in quick rescue.
  • Beach and water games.
  • Swimming pools of various depths, as well as suitable for all ages.
  • A distinguished clubhouse in the village of Koun North Coast.
  • A comprehensive commercial area with all the requirements.
  • Kids area with the latest games and also the safest.
  • A hotel with luxurious designs and international services.
  • Pharmacies with the fastest delivery services around the clock.
  • Comprehensive medical clinics with the latest equipment and also the most skilled doctors.
  • An integrated hypermarket operates around the clock.
  • House Keeping and Laundry services are also available.
  • A top-level security team is working around the clock.
  • Surveillance cameras with the latest technology are spread all over the place.
  • The mosque has a large area to accommodate all worshippers.
  • Sports fields are suitable for all interests and are also integrated with exercise equipment.
  • Dedicated bike paths and also tracks for exercise in particular.
  • Golf carts ensure easy mobility without any obstacles.
  • Generators ensure the reduction of power outages work directly.
  • Firefighting systems work directly when sensing any fumes.
  • Spacious garages to reduce the congestion of cars in the village of Koun North Coast.
  • A team works to maintain all facilities periodically to reduce the occurrence of any malfunction.
  • A team specialized in cleaning.
  • An international spa that provides the latest relaxation services and also has the most skilled experts.
  • Gym.
  • A landscape with charming colors occupies most of the space as reflected on the 10-acre Crystal Lagoon.

What are the Prices and Spaces of the Koun North Coast village?

  • Chalet’s Spaces start from 60 square meters.
  • Duplex start From 155 square meters.
  • Penthouses start From 130 square meters.
  • Prices in the village of Koun North Coast start from an amount of 2,089,350 Egyptian pounds.

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What Are The Payment Methods and Installment Systems of Koun North Coast Village?

  • 5% Down Payment and you can also pay the rest in installments for a period of up to 9 Years without any additional interest.
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